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WareSoft is a premier provider of creative business solutions. Our experienced staff can work in all facets of systems development. We can take a concept through the various stages of development, testing, and implementation to produce an enterprise quality solution. We have designed and delivered solutions ranging from small scale web sites to large scale online order management systems. We utilize a variety of technologies including .Net, C#, Java, Spring MVC, SAP, Web Services, SQL Server, Oracle, Informatica, and Unix. We can also provide support for legacy technologies and platforms.

To complement our foundation in software development we have a broad base of knowledge and experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Many of our projects have been for the trade operations, customer services, and data control business areas. These projects have been centered on master data management, inventory management, order processing, contracts and pricing, distribution, invoicing, and third-party logistics.
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Pharmaceutical Consulting
Customer Web Portal
Roster Management
HR Solutions
Business Capital & Project Management
Pharmaceutical Consulting

WareSoft has been designing and delivering solutions for pharmaceutical companies since 1996. During this time, we realized that our most successful projects involved cooperation and coordination with both the business and IT departments. We feel we can apply our skills to offer a unique ability to speak in both business and technological terms which enables us to bridge gaps that exist between IT and business groups. We have also acquired a thorough understanding of the systems pharmaceutical companies utilize to conduct their internal business activities and engage with their customers. We have worked with a vast array of both major and internally developed pharmaceutical systems.
Common Features
  • Business analysis
  • Application architecture analysis
  • Interface analysis
  • Application support & continued development
  • Ad hoc reporting
Key Benefits

In recent years our WareSoft team members have, and continue to, participate as consultants on a variety of project for clients within the pharmaceutical industry. We've participated in major system upgrades, transitions from on-premise to cloud based solutions, new application and interface developments, business analysis, and even day-to-day operational activities. Our team's diverse experience makes us equipped to tackle a wide variety of project and application work in both an analysis and remediation role.
Customer Web Portal

Within the pharmaceutical industry, one of our growing outlets has been enhancing existing pharmaceutical systems to source and organize client data to expose it to the appropriate internal colleagues and external customers. These groups often do not have the access to view this data via an out of the box platform. Our solution provides a customizable format to search and report data to these end users and allow this data to be accessed easily - without needlessly burdening support staff. Our solutions have also included the ability to streamline data collection from users - including interfaces for data submission, roster processing, and more - giving users a "one stop" experience to perform a multitude of tasks.
Common Features
  • User administration & security
  • Searching across various allowable data
  • User requests & ticket collection
  • Document provision & processing
  • User support tools to allow internal analysts to better assist customers
Key Benefits

Our portal-based solution has been accessed by thousands of members of the pharmaceutical industry - from analysts at some of the largest wholesalers all the way down to neighborhood medical practitioners. This has allowed for customers to easily answer many of their own questions without waiting for customer support and provides resources for both internal colleagues and customers to more easily perform many of their daily tasks.
Roster Management

One of the most common and critical processes within the pharmaceutical industry is maintaining and processing the rosters of large organizations containing thousands of individual addresses and locations. At WareSoft, our team is developing industry empowering tools to simplify this critical and often time-consuming task - working to achieve the balance of capturing and maintaining the appropriate data whilst also streamlining the ability for downstream users and processes to find what they need easily to accomplish their tasks. Once our solution captures roster information, users are able to edit and maintain these rosters at any time while also providing data validations and additional information about roster locations to end users.
Common Features
  • Roster upload functionality
  • Roster data validations
  • Data processing interfaces
  • Reporting metrics
  • Roster maintenance tools
  • Data archival strategies & searching
Key Benefits

Managing both the variety and volume of roster data provided to pharmaceutical industry clients is both a complicated and critical task. Doing so correctly can greatly reduce the demands on internal analysts and allow their focuses to transition from retrieving and processing data to more critical tasks like working with customers, analyzing data trends, and more. Our team at WareSoft is proud of the work we've done and continue to do in providing a simple intuitive experience for internal colleagues and customers to provide and process roster data in a timely fashion.
Business Capital and Project Management

In an organization, an accurate assessment of the resources and their expected costs within a project is critical for organizational prosperity. Once estimated, the even more arduous processes of seeking managerial approval ties up resources in a hunting/gathering state rather than working towards the prosperity of company endeavors and success of their projects. Our WareSoft team has developed solutions to streamline the project estimation and capital management process - from inception to retirement - allowing for approval processing, independent reviewing, and utilizing an established structure to ensure consistent, simplified financial estimating tools at the fingertips of project managers.
Common Features
  • Capture qualitative and quantitative business justifications
  • Project timeline management
  • Project asset management
  • Calculating component cost & ongoing expenditures
  • Calculating asset depreciation & amortization
  • Currency conversions
  • Detailed financial summaries
  • Customizable consistency checking
  • Customizable approval workflow
  • Duplicatable projects allowing repetitive/similar project estimations to be used as a basis for future entries
Key Benefits

Our solution has streamlined previously scattered and unorganized sets of documents and email exchanges into a unified system of consistent data capture and presentation - uniting business groups from varying departments across a global organization. This simplified and enhanced processing has led to the funding for and implementation of hundreds of high-profile client projects.
HR Solutions

WareSoft has partnered with business psychology service professionals to create solutions that help to evaluate and manage an organization's human capital. These systems assess employees across a variety of proprietary and scientific methods to evaluate skills and each individual’s "fit" within an organization. Our assessment-based solutions allow our clients to position well-performing teams for continued future success and guide derailed teams toward enhanced performance.
Common Features
  • Company structure management
  • Employee information management
  • Employee business-objective tracking
  • Job/position requirements
  • Performance evaluation structures
Key Benefits

With the multitude of HR solutions that exist, we worked closely with psychology professionals to understand the core principles of their evaluations and criteria, which allows our systems to stand out in the marketplace. Working alongside business-client partners, we've continued to enhance these solutions to meet client specific needs and grow our systems beyond simple evaluations. Having a consistent software-based solution to rely on allows organizations greater transparency in their evaluation structure and provides equal opportunities for cooperation in evaluations for employees and managers alike.

The information technology field is continually evolving. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a solutions provider that demonstrates a commitment to keeping current with the latest technologies and approaches. WareSoft has a strong commitment to keeping abreast of new and emerging technologies as well as remaining proficient with current and legacy technologies. We have found that it is not uncommon to have our clients expect us to utilize five or six different technologies on a single project. Below is a list of technologies we are proficient in:

Software Development

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft .NET
  • C#
  • Spring MVC
  • Java
  • Unix Shell Scripting
  • Legacy Web (ASP, VB, COM)
  • Appian

Database & ETL

  • SQL Sever
  • Oracle
  • Informatica